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Improving Financial Literacy 

 Ever wanted to learn about money without feeling embarrassed asking?
Now you can and it's not coming from some boring text book or squillionaire who inherited Mummy's money.
Everyday money advice for people to learn from.


Why is learning about money missing from our education? I don't know about you but it seems like a pretty important part of life. It's pretty hard to pay your rent without it. 

But aren't all rich people assholes? Focusing on money is a bad thing right? You greedy bastard! 

That's probably what you got taught too.
But what if you do want to learn about money, what's wrong with that? NOTHING!
So let's get learning...

  • Bite size information you can digest and learn

    Information compiled on different topics like debt, wealth, saving money, taxes, side hustles and more...

  • Real lessons from & for real Kiwis

    These lessons aren't made up, they are true stories and tactics from everyday Kiwis just like you

  •  Tactics you can implement

    Learn about things you can actually implement in your life not just some text book jargon that only flash people understand.


Everyday tools and lessons that we should have been taught when we were at school, growing up OR when we were ready.
That's right - we aren't always ready to learn about money so this isn't for everybody. 

It's for those people who want more from their money and they want to learn what they don't know.

  • Budgeting tools businesses use

    Businesses keep accurate records of their financial transactions so why don't we get taught to as people? Lessons on making your own 'financial statements'.

  • Lessons from around the world

    Who are your money teachers? We've compiled some great money lessons from people that have been there and done it before.

  • Sort your mindset about money

    Money shouldn't scare us. Having none of it probably should.  Learn about your mindset toward money and where it came from.





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Sh!t bloody good point. I'm Luke Kemeys a Chartered Accountant an ordinary bloke that likes helping people. That's why those figures above aren't made up to pretend I'm some sort of guru that I'm not.


I just like learning about money and don't think that's a bad thing.

  • Went to University and studied Accounting, but actually have a personality. These days have my own practice and clients.

  • Wasted my twenties not thinking about money yup did all the same stuff as you did or are about to do.

  • Not a millionaire (yet), but am on the path and think we all can be too. BUT not trying to be some hero I'm not.


  • 7 years at Primary School
  • 5 years at Secondary School
  • 4 years at University
  • 4 years to become a Chartered Accountant
  • 2 years to get a Certificate Of Public Practice


22 years and a six figure education bill to realise none of these taught me about money. Weirdly, the thing I was always pretty keen to learn about.


Thank God for YouTube, the internet, paid courses, access to 'rich' people and being a geek - that helps too.


I thought maybe other people want to learn this stuff too so I started to put together a simple knowledge base. 


Some reading and video on different topics of money as well as templates I use/have used - goals, monthly budgeting, financial statements.


Someone’s going to have to teach our kids about money. It can be you or they can follow the process at the top of this paragraph.

  • Whinge about it, or do something about it,  so here I am. I know this won't be for every body but if it helps improve one persons life, that's good with me.

  • Financial freedom, I have a long way to go too but I'm going the distance and I want to share my lessons too. We all deserve financial freedom but who's teaching?

  • Inspire change, I hate seeing friends, family and even strangers struggle financially so if we can on-teach the things that improve our lives, that is how we make real change.


You won't get spammed with e-mails selling you the latest hair straightener but you might learn how to pay for it out of passive income.

  • Regular Money Mail

    Information that will get you thinking about your situation and help you learn something new about money.

  • Right To Your Inbox

    As long as you can spell your e-mail address, we'll do the rest and send info to your inbox.

  • Print It Off And Go Back To School

    Do what you want with it, just at least read it and revisit it when you are ready to learn.

  • Experts Opinions

    The world is always changing and we have to change with it. We are always hunting out people we can TRUST to give us the right information an we'll get it to you too.

  • Happiness 

    That's just a chick from the internet but you'll be as happy as she is that you are finally learning practical stuff about money. Thumbs up and big smiles it isn't boring!


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I was going to do the internet thing and make up some reviews but instead I tricked some mates to run through the content and give me some brutal feedback. Then I used their feedback for these.

The pictures are definitely fake though.

Brogan Watt

One of my mates (maybe biased)

The way you shaped the info made it easy to follow.

“Overall I found the articles informative, interesting and easy to understand. You are right when you talk about a lack of financial training and comprehension for everyday kiwis. The owning a home (and paying if off for 30 years) had always been a big goal of mine, now I am challenging that idea a bit! Look forward to see how you develop this and get it out to a wider audience. Knowing you, I’m sure this wont be done by halves!”

Ashley Brewer

Mum of one, keen to learn

Yet to respond - maybe lazy?

“I said I would review the info and provide feedback but then I got busy and didn't take my money learning seriously. I'll get to it though I promise.”

Joe Hare

Good salary, money learner

It's easy to read and makes sense.

“You are not putting all of this information together to then give it away for free. I am not letting you.''


Ok Joe, let's make people hold themselves accountable by handing over something for it - good thinking.

Will Knight

Old friend with 7 kids - a lot of mouths to feed

Financial literacy should be the first thing we learn.

“The material adds up to what I would think would be a pretty bullet proof time capsule to send to my younger (-20yo) self. A thoroughly enjoyable and informative read. I think your personality really 'humanises' information like this which can seem a little inaccessible for people at times.”


Which one is for you? 




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Without Missing Out

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So take the gift that is 'Money Mail' at least.


Start your journey, learning more about money.

Then there's you, hungry to learn more and join the Keep The Change community.


See you in there soon.

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You will also be supporting Men's Health and before you say ''yeah righto champion, everyone claims to do something for a charity'', I included a video of a Big Boys Breakfast I host based around Men's Health - it's hard to fake a video with real people in it.


BUT ANYWAY I know that Kiwis are sceptical buggers who think someone is trying to rip them off or take their money for bugger all in return.


How do I know that? Well I used to be like that too. Scared to spend on things that I wasn't sure would teach me anything. I was happy to buy 86 beers on a Saturday night though...


Anyway, if you want your money back, no worries just sing out, it is no big deal.


You are swapping money for a commitment to your learning, that is what you are really paying for.

  • Money back, if you guarantee you learn nothing.

  • No dickheads, sorry but this is for genuine learners so dickheads will be refunded.

  • No Ponzi schemes, no this isn't a Ponzi scheme but we have info on them...

Luke Kemeys

Keep The Change


Before you ask...Google it...
But really, don't be shy, read the below

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How is this different to Sorted or asking my Dad?

Can I call you with my money problems?

Why are you charging then?

I have bugger all money, is this worth learning?

Are you qualified to give money advice?

Great question and no doubt some 'do gooder' that doesn't actually want to learn will probably tell you so.


This isn't financial advice though and is general information about money; not people's specific financial circumstances or suggested choices.


If you can't receive information like this then we probably are destined not to learn about money. 

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